iPhone XI protective shell renderings exposure confirms triangular lens design

The release of the 2019 iPhone line was only four months old, and rumors about Apple's new phone have begun to increase. Some media have seen the renderings of the mobile phone case that fits the new iPhone from the mobile phone shell manufacturer. Some of the design features of Apple's new generation flagship can be seen from the side. ??

The report comes from Sonny Dickson, Apple's leaking god, whose mobile phone shell renderings are said to be a relatively reliable source of information from China, which is used by the latter to produce mobile phone case products. Dickson said the design is very trustworthy. ??

If the rendering is true, Apple will still release two flagship iPhone models this year, and the renderings represent iPhone XI and iPhone XI Max respectively. Dickson did not provide a rendering of the iPhone XIR.

As you can see from the rendering, the opening at the back of the protective case is square and large, suggesting that the new generation of flagship iPhones may use a square rear camera module because it increases the number of lenses. The latest rumor about the new iPhone is that Apple will increase the number of rear-facing cameras across the board. The high-end models are from two to three, and the low-end models are from one to two. For this reason, the camera layout will be re-adjusted, for example, the three lenses will be arranged in a triangle.

The new iPhone will also feature a "unique" 3D glass back panel with an integrated back panel design that incorporates a large square camera unit that makes the module bumps look less visible. In other respects, the new machine will be equipped with an A13 chip, which will use the Lightning port, but will add a reverse wireless charging function (can charge AirPods, etc.). The mute switch will borrow the design of the earlier iPad.

Source: Twitter

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