iPhone Flex? Apple registers flexible screen patent that performs multiple folds

Apple seems to be wanting to meet the niche of flexible smartphones and bring some innovation to its mobile area that is well stagnant. According to the website CNet, the company of the apple registered the patent of a device that has a different flexibility from the other products already seen in the market, as it allows more than one form of cell folds.

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Samsung was the first large company to take the risk by bringing a folding cell phone to the public. Such action has made the Galaxy Fold was a pioneer in many questions, including manufacturing defects , given that the company had to delay the availability for sales because of problems detected after delivery of the product for some specialized vehicle technology.

Seeing that despite the headaches, the versatile phone gave a new visibility to the South Korean, Apple did not want to be behind and decided to work on the development of its own flexible device. But the company founded by Steve Jobs decided to develop this technology in a different way, where the screen is foldable in several ways.

However, Apple has not made it clear whether this new feature would be available for smartphones or tablets, given that the patent does not specify the type of device, only shows that the Cupertino manufacturer issued a "foldable cover" at the US Patent and Trademark Office. a screen for an electronic device. "

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In the image it is possible to see two different formats of folding, where one shows a division of the apparatus in three modules, and the other in two, leaving an area above the alignment that would be considered symmetrical. There is no information yet on a possible release date or even a newer rendering, but it's interesting to see what they're thinking back out of the box.


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