iOS 13's new features might be the game changer for the Apple

On June 3, the annual Apple WWDC Developer Conference will be held. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest attractions will be iOS 13.

According to foreign media reports, iOS 13 will bring significant performance experience improvements, while introducing a number of new features, such as the so-called "night mode", Apple called "black and gray" mode, can be enabled from the control center.

One of the things is the sliding keyboard, and Apple is evaluating whether to include the sliding input method, which is similar to Swiftkey.

In addition, the main page of the health app will be improved to showcase daily activities, adding “hearing health” to help users adjust the volume when using headphones and external speakers; at the same time, gender health will track the menstrual cycle more comprehensively.

According to the report, the memo will have a new welcome screen. A grid will have four default sections that show the tasks of the day, all tasks, scheduled tasks, and tagged tasks, each with a dedicated color page. The AppleBooks app will include an updated progress tracker and a new rewards system to encourage users to read more.

Finally, iMessage will be more similar to Whatsapp, allowing you to set file images/display nicknames and be visible to those people. The map will also be optimized to give users access to frequently used locations and quick navigation.

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