Intel: Laptops with folding screens will be available as early as 2021

With Samsung launching the first folding screen phone Galaxy Fold, many people are looking forward to whether the folding screen can be used on other portable devices. In response to this problem, senior executives from Intel told Nikkei Asia Review that they believe that laptops with folding screens will be available as soon as 2021.

Managers from Intel said that the company is currently working with display panel suppliers such as LG Display, Samsung Displau, BOE and Sharp to explore the possibility of folding screen applications on laptops. According to the difficulty of the application of the folding screen technology, it takes at least two years to launch the corresponding consumer products. Of course, if other OEMs are interested in this type of product, it will greatly accelerate the development of such products.

However, as for the screen of what material the folding screen notebook will use, Intel did not make any explanation in the interview. Referring to the Samsung Galaxy Fold folding screen mobile phone, if an OEM has introduced a folding screen laptop, it should use an OLED screen. Considering the astounding price of large-size OLED display panels, it is estimated that consumer products of such products may reach a high price.


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