Information leaked from the inside that "Galaxy Note 10 supports quick charge of up to 50W"

Information on the new smartphone "Galaxy Note 10", which Samsung is expected to announce in the summer of 2019, is being disclosed little by little. According to the information above, "Galaxy Note 10" has 2 types of models, and it is said that 4G / LTE model and 5G model exist in each of them, so 4 types of 2019 "Galaxy Note" series in total It is said that it will be released.

The model numbers and display sizes of these four models have already been clarified.

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Currently, only the "Galaxy S10 5G" and "Galaxy A70" support 25 W quick charging, and Samsung's fast charging smartphones including "Galaxy S10" only support up to 15 W at maximum. Therefore, it was thought that "Galaxy Note 10" might correspond to 25 W quick charge, but this was denied.

Ice Universe had previously reported that "Galaxy Note 10" may support fast charge more than 25 W, but according to the latest information, "Galaxy Note 10" is likely to support fast charge up to 50 W

"Galaxy Note 10" supports up to 50W quick charge

According to Forbes' internal sources, Samsung seems to be working on up to 50 watts of rapid charging technology. In addition, this technology is scheduled to be installed on "Galaxy Note 10".
As the "Galaxy S10" series now has a 15 W quick charge, if it supports 50 W quick charge, the charge speed will be dramatically improved.

In addition, the battery capacity installed in the "Galaxy Note 10 Pro" is said to be 4,500 mAh . It is unknown at this point that this 4,500 mAh battery capacity will be installed in both 4G / LTE models and 5G models.

In addition, the battery capacity of the standard model "Galaxy Note 10" is unknown. Incidentally, the 6.4-inch "Galaxy Note 9" has a battery capacity of 4,000 mAh. According to the information, "Note 10" is smaller than 6.28 inches and "Galaxy Note 9". Therefore, if it carries 4,000 mAh battery capacity, it will be a great fight. I want to wait for the information in the future here.

The information that "Galaxy Note 10" that Forbes told this time correspond to 50 W quick charge is like a leak from the people concerned, so the reliability is higher. However, there is a possibility that it will be changed depending on the future development status, as it is still a leak. Therefore, it is recommended to keep it at the reference level.

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I would like to pay attention to future information.

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