High school students use the barcode screenshot to eat more than 50 overlord meals, Alipay: very angry and sad

On May 10th, a food store owner in Nanning found that the amount and money sold were not correct when collecting the money. Then he checked the surveillance and found a high school student who went to the restaurant for more than 40 days. More than 60 times, but actually only paid 9 times, the other is to show the WeChat screenshot as a "voucher."

In this regard, Alipay said that when people saw the news, some people used mobile phone screenshots to make a payment to escape the order, very angry, and somewhat sad. "Students, small shops are not easy to make money, please don't escape."

Alipay also reminds the merchant that the Alipay collection code has its own voice broadcast function, and the merchant can open it in the upper right corner of the Alipay [Settings]-[General]-[New Message Notification].

Worried that the phone can not hear clearly, Alipay also has a money collection audio, in Alipay search [business services] - [business tools] - [receiving equipment] can be bought. The audio can be bound to the boss's collection code, and each account has a loud voice notification to avoid being tricked by the screenshot.

Alipay calls for a lot of roadside shop businesses to get up early, make a hard money, every point is not easy, please don't deceive them.

Source: Mydrivers

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