Google updates layout of search results; see what changes

The Google released on Wednesday (22) a new layout for your search results. According to the company, the change will allow users to "discover new types of information and quickly determine what is most useful."

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So far, the update has been made available only to mobile devices. With the change, each card displayed in the search results will now indicate the logo and name of the site so that users "better understand where the information comes from and which pages have what is being sought."

Also, if Google has a "useful ad" to show, the advertisement will appear with a bold label and web address of the site.

old left, new right

"Over the years, the amount and format of information available on the web has changed dramatically - from the proliferation of images and videos to the availability of 3D objects that you can now see in augmented reality," Google commented in a statement, adding that it's time for the search results to change.

The new design will also allow Google to add new actions, such as the ability to purchase movie tickets or play podcasts directly from the results page.

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According to Google, the update should reach all users in the coming days. There is a good chance that the change will also reach the computers. The update this Wednesday may still pave the way for some of the changes announced by Google during its 2019 I / O developer conference , such as computing, augmented reality, and 3D imaging capabilities in search results.

Source: Google

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