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Google Soon to Introduce the Auto Delete Feature for your activity data

You Might be Aware that Google keeps track of your all records in their web records, Whatever you had searched everything remains recorded for unlimited time, this activity data records helps google to personalise the ads and related searches for you, but for me it is annoying and everytime i need to visit the google activity to delete my activity records .

Google has provided the option to turn off the all the activity it records but that isn't a good option as we will start seeing unrelated ads which are more annoying then the current ads we see, but keeping the all time record is also concern as anyone can check our old web activities by visiting the google activity.

Google has now Announced the feature of auto deleting the location and activity data , which will give some relaxation from manual visit to delete the activities, but for auto delete we need to choose the auto delete limit of our activities,  we will be provided the 3 options for deleting the activity i.e 3 months,  18 months or manual option

This Feature is good for the privacy concerns and the 3 month data is also enough for google to personalise the ads and other related searches for us 

image credit : google search :)

Stay Tuned For more :)

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