Google smashed Android? Honor 20 Hit Back: normal release tomorrow

Earlier today, it was reported that because the US government listed Huawei as a “list of entities,” Google has Suspended some business dealings with Huawei. Google China responded that it is complying with the order and reviewing its impact.
Huawei officially responded quickly , emphasizing that Android as a smartphone operating system has always been open source, and Huawei as an important participant has made a very important contribution to the development and growth of Android. Huawei has the ability to continue to develop and use Android. Ecology.
Huawei said that Huawei and Honor brand products, including smartphones and tablets, products and services are not affected in the Chinese market, so consumers can use and buy with confidence.
Some sources also believe that Huawei can only use the public version of Android in the future, and cannot access Google’s proprietary applications and services, which may be greatly affected in overseas markets.
However, just tomorrow at 21 o’clock on the evening of May 21, Honor will host the Honor 20 series conference in London, England. As the first overseas release of the flagship product of the Honor brand, it has been progressing normally from beginning to end, completely without US restrictions. Huawei has been affected.
Honor’s move is undoubtedly echoing Huawei’s response with action, and it proves that no matter whether it is Huawei or Honor, it will not stop moving forward at home or abroad.
Zhao Ming, the president of Honor, also deliberately released Weibo, and forwarded the Honor of the 20 series of official and media graphics and video live broadcast platforms, with special emphasis on “all ready, rehearsal, see you tomorrow.”

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