Google can launch full screen capture function on Android R

One of the most awaited functions for Android users is the "Scroll Capture", also known as "Full Screen Capture". It seems that Google is planning to include this feature in its mobile operating system, as Dave Burke, Google's vice president of engineering for Android, mentioned on Twitter that he hopes to be able to add it in the future Android R.

Although it is good news, there is still nothing concrete, as the executive said that his team "may be able to" carry out the development of the function. That said, Android software engineer Dan Sadler came into the conversation and accepted Burke's challenge.

It is good to see that Google is positioning itself more palpably on the subject, as during a Google I / O debate this year, Burke said the appeal was a "good idea" and that "there is no reason to not do it. " However, it was soon explained that adding the entire screen capture feature was not a company priority at this time.

That way, you can understand that at best, this function will be present in a future Android R and not the next Android Q. Obviously, smartphone users from Huawei , LG , OnePlus , Samsung or Xiaomi should feel no difference, since manufacturers already include this factory function.

Source: Android Authority

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