Google: Advertising for the Pixel 3a shoots against the Apple iPhone X.

Google develops the Pixel series, among other reasons, because one wants to attract the iPhone users with these models. Although most users were previously on the go with a Samsung , but Google is trying to make the other Android manufacturers in the public no competition.

At the beginning of the year, the decision was made to launch an advertising campaign against the Apple iPhone XS , which makes significantly worse photos than Pixel 3, especially at night. Now this goes on and you advertise the new pixel 3a.

On a poster in Washington (no coincidence, because Apple is opening a library there today ), you shoot again against the iPhone X. Where you write on the poster only "Phone X", but the name and price are a clear indication. At the same time you advertise the cheaper Google Pixel 3a.

Also on this poster you want to show that you can still make better pictures with a significantly cheaper smartphone. The Pixel 3a is a solid mid-range smartphone and can not compete with an iPhone X for the other specs, but it is often superior to the camera.

So that seems to be Google's marketing tactic: Our camera is better than the iPhone. I would not be surprised if it stays that way in the future. Therefore, I am also curious if Apple catch up with the iPhone 11 and maybe also present again.

Source: MobiFlip


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