Google adds new features to Live Transcribe on Android

Image Source: The Verge

The Google launched the Live Transcribe in February this year , opening a wide range of possibilities for people with hearing impairments get to communicate more easily. Now the search giant said it is expanding Live Transcribe with two new features.

The first one, called "sound events," will be released in about a month and will transcribe sounds that indicate an event, such as "the dog is barking" or "someone is knocking at your door." In addition, the company says it will also have indicators such as "ringing phones", "laughs" or "cars" that can be viewed at the bottom of the screen.

The second new feature of Live Transcribe will allow users to save transcribed texts for up to three days, making it a very useful tool for non-disabled users, such as journalists or students, who may have transcripts of interviews or of lectures, for example.

The search giant says that although Live Transcribe needs a mobile network connection to work, neither the audio nor the transcripts are stored on its servers. In addition, it says the sound event feature works locally and does not require an Internet connection.

Source: Verge

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