Gmail scare users with false notification of new device connected

If you received an email this week saying that an unknown device has connected to your Gmail account , you do not have to despair. The situation may actually have occurred, so it is recommended that your password be changed, but at first everything was just an internal problem in the G Suite.

The messages were accidentally fired by the company and the number of people who received the email was wrong. According to information obtained by Mashable, the problem was large enough for an alert to be issued on the Mountain View company's admin panel.

They stole my account!

 In general, messages like this should be taken very seriously, because your account may actually be at risk. Despite the various security mechanisms used by the company, such as 2-step verification, those responsible for the bug recommend that passwords be updated, ensuring that your data stays protected. 

Source: Mashable

According to internal information , the case was described as a "service problem", a term that constitutes an internal fault in the platform. The company identified the cause of the anomaly and the alert emails were quickly stopped being sent incoherently.

Even with this information, the company did not disclose more details about what caused the problem. Did you happen to be a victim of this bug? Tell us in the comments below.  

Source: Mashable

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