Galaxy Note 10: rumor suggests end of both headphone Jack and physical buttons

After the first major leak regarding a possible Galaxy Note 10 camera module manufacturing, new rumors have begun to emerge indicating what the final design of Samsung's next big flagship launch for the market might be  in 2019.

With a centralized circular notch and four rear cameras - with three photo sensors and a ToF 3D sensor - we soon saw the first concept pointing to the final design of Note 10, but now a new leak reveals what we can see on the device , and it looks like it should be more impressive than we imagined.

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No physical buttons, and no headphone jack

With the announcement of Meizu Zero concept smartphones and live APEX 2019 earlier this year, we saw that companies are already preparing to introduce different devices: completely wireless and without physical buttons, and it seems that Samsung can start to invest in these differentials , although not on a bold scale.

The information is from sources linked to the Android Police and claim that the South Korean giant would be planning to introduce the Galaxy Note 10 without physical buttons for volume control, power and Bixby. That way, the company would enable sensors on the sides of the device as we have seen be done on the HTC U12 Plus .

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However, instead of still offering button-like representation on the U12 Plus, Samsung really should put aside the idea of ​​clickable buttons to display something more futuristic like creases on the body of the handset to highlight which particular area needs to be pressed to activate the functions.

With the new idea Samsung should declare the death of the headphone connector in the Galaxy Note line, and maybe it continues to exist in the Galaxy S line (although nothing is guaranteed).

Concept updated

Below you can see the updated Galaxy Note 10 concept by offering the four rear cameras, the center-circular circular notch on the screen and without the physical push buttons, but with deeper areas on the sides. 

Two models: one larger, one smaller 

According to information from the Android Police, the source confirms that there will be two models for the Galaxy Note 10. While traditional would have the expected 6.5 ", 6.6" or 6.7 "larger screen to give the productivity-oriented line, a smaller model would also be being developed.

The leak confirms other rumors earlier this year that have pointed to a second Note 10 device called Galaxy Note 10e . There is no information on whether or not the company should adopt this nomenclature for the model.

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More information should emerge in the coming months as we are getting closer to the announcement of the Galaxy Note 10. With Note 9 being introduced in New York on August 9, the company is expected to follow the same release window for the new flagship, with revelation during the first weeks of April.

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