Galaxy Fold: Samsung CEO affirms that the release date of the folding smartphone "Galaxy Fold" will be announced soon

Samsung's foldable smartphone "Galaxy Fold" was originally scheduled to be released on April 26, but its release was postponed because many defects were confirmed in the device provided for media personnel before that.

Samsung has stated that it will work on these defects and defects, and it has been said that it may be difficult to release them in the near future. Actually, the other day the user who ordered "Galaxy Fold" was notified that they would automatically cancel it if they did not wish to do so.

However, according to the latest information from Samsung Mobile's CEO Koh Dong-Jin, the "Galaxy Fold" will be released in the coming weeks.

Samsung's DJ Koh has revealed to The Korea Herald that they have reviewed the defects and fixes that the company's Galaxy Fold had, and that they have reached a conclusion that it will be released. This means that Samsung has already set a release date.

This was a salvation note for users thinking of buying "Galaxy Fold" as it has completely canceled mood over the past few days.

The most important point is how to deal with the defect that the display of the hinge part floats and foreign matter gets mixed in there. If you can get over here you should not have to be particularly nervous if it is common sense use. Conversely, if this problem remains, it may be necessary to use care in everyday use.

According to Samsung, Samsung claims that it has enhanced the durability of the exposed portion of the hinge and reduced the gap between the display and the bezel. This is expected to lower the probability of display failure at least as provided for media participants.

It is interesting to see if the protective film can be removed or will cause the same issue.
Either way, isn't it likely that the situation will not be discontinued as it is?

As soon as we know the new information, I would like to tell you again.

Source: KoreaHerald

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