Fortnite: 9.1 update will perform game audio improvements

The game Fortnite is a few days after receiving its first additional update after the beginning of season 9, and among the new features is the correction of several bugs in the audio of the game, improving the capture of sound of objects as well as the detection of enemies slaughter.

The update number 9.1 is not yet available for download, but some information from it serves to show that Epic Games is working to fix some issues based on player feedback. To reassure the crowd, the company's audio director, Zak Belica, made a post on the Reddit social network to inform them of future changes.


Audio dropout issues fixed for real apologies, this should mean 9.0, but we had unexpected technical issues.

Fixed location of enemy pickaxe short-range impact sound so it plays from the point of impact and not from the player who is stung.
Removed ducking of building sounds while firing your weapon.

It lowered the minimum speed required to trigger a landing sound; this helps prevent players from silently jumping on ramps.
Added a new jump sound for enemies that are taller than yours.

Increase the sound attenuation of the jump to match the footsteps of the enemy.

Reduced the amount of time it takes the enemy's in-air audio loop to better raise awareness of an enemy falling from above.

Increased volume of occluded steps and landing sounds.

Closer spatialization of other players' short range pickaxe sounds.

Added a lighter sound when an enemy confirms an edit on a building piece within 2 pieces of their position.

Removed glider audio for players traveling through a Slipstream.

Added a new "Headshot + Shield Break" sound for when both events occur at the same time. If a screen break is "CHINGSHH" and a headshot is "PA-CHING", the new sound will be "PA-CHINGSHH".

Correction for sounds of steps at the edge of the structures gives audio as if you were walking on the ground.

Better to hear the approach of the enemy players outside the structures built by the players.
Improvements in the emission of sounds outside the FOV player.

Enhancement of sliding sounds from nearby or distant players to help clarify the distance of gliding enemies.

Longer sounds are played correctly during Replays.

Enhanced differentiation of enemy teammate verus audio.

Internal binaural / HRTF solution tests will be a great help for headphone players as well as other spatialization enhancements.

Updates are scheduled to be available on May 23, Thursday. So keep an eye on your game because anytime this date the update can be released to you.

Stay Tuned For More :)

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