Disney and Netflix threaten to stop filming in Georgia if anti-abortion law is passed

In separate statements issued a few hours apart, Disney and Netflix opposed the possibility of passage of anti-abortion law in the state of Georgia. Both companies - which have already diverged in past situations - have stated that they will stop recording in the US state if the legislation passes.

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The place is famous for receiving footage of several films and series from the two and other companies - 455 productions were filmed there, last year. As prime examples are "Avengers" and "Stranger Things". According to the American Film Association (MPAA), the film industry generates more than 92,000 jobs in Georgia.

Position of executives 

For the content director of the streaming service, Ted Sarandos, said he could stop investing in the state due to restrictions on women's rights with the passage of the law.

"Netflix would reconsider its investments in Georgia if the law comes into force. We have many women working in productions in the state, whose rights, with millions of others, will be severely restricted by this law. As legislation has not yet been implemented, we will continue to film there, as well as supporting partners and artists who choose not to do so. "

Ted Sarandos
Content Director of Netflix

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According to Disney CEO Bob Iger, he thinks it is very difficult to keep filming in place and believes that many people will refuse to work for the company he represents.

"It will be very difficult to continue filming in Georgia. I believe that many people who work for us will not. We want to work there, but we will have to meet your requests accordingly. Right now, we're dealing with this very carefully. "

Bob Iger
Disney CEO

Anti-abortion law 

The law under review in the US states that women will not be able to perform the procedure from the moment the doctor finds a heartbeat in the fetus.

Among the criticisms, there is the question of often beating before six weeks of gestation, when many women do not even know they are pregnant.

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  1. Good for Disney, good for both of them.

    1. they (netflix & disney) should do so in other countries also where same rule is applied along time ago

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