Computex | Nvidia reveals that new Wolfenstein is compatible with Ray Tracing

On Tuesday (28), during Computex 2019, Nvidia and Bethesda released a partnership for Wolfenstein's next big release , which will be released on July 26. Nvidia not only announced that the game will be compatible with the new technologies of Ray Tracing and Adaptive Shading, also revealed a partnership that should interest fans of games.

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From the moment of the announcement, the company started selling the "Born to Hunt" packages, which means that anyone who buys an RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080, RTX 2070 or RTX 2060 video card - or any computer they own some of these cards installed - you will receive as a gift a copy of Wolfenstein: Young Blood .

The promotion is valid for any purchase made until August 6, so players who are thinking about upgrading their video cards have just over a month to win to toast one of the great games releases of the year.

Ray tracing is an advanced graphing algorithm that takes into consideration the direction of light rays to create ultra-realistic images. The technology is used by movie studios to create ultra-realistic special effects, and is now also coming to video game games.

Adaptive Shading is a new rendering technique created by Nvidia that allows developers to adjust the rendering rates of each part of the screen to different values, reducing GPU work and increasing game performance without compromising image quality.

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Wolfenstein: Young Blood is the next title in the classic franchise shooting game about killing Nazis, and will be the first to offer a cooperative adventure for gamers. Young Blood will be released for PC, PlayStation 4 , Xbox One and Switch , but only the PC version will be compatible with Ray Tracing.

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