Computex | MediaTek announces first SoC market with integrated 5G modem

Computex is taking place in Taipei, and announcements and postings for this event are not usually about Android. However, fulfilling a "promise" made through Weibo , MediaTek has just announced the arrival of its new SoC, projected in a process of 7nm, being this the first mbile processor to bring an integrated 5G modem.

Today, 5G solutions seen on the Qualcomm and Samsung chips make use of external modems, which work well but consume a lot of power, just as with the first devices with LTE technology.

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The Helio M70 5G included in the new MediaTek chipset will most likely be more energy efficient compared to other 5G processors, but it will also have some drawbacks. Apparently, the modem can connect to 5G NR sub-6GHz networks, but it does not work with the high-frequency mmWave networks being implemented by US carriers AT & T, Verizon and T-Mobile. But of course, nothing prevents an external media from being used to connect to these networks in the future.

An interesting point is that the new chipset is built by the 7nm process and includes the Cortex A-77 processing core and ARM's Mali-G77, revealed a few days ago. Therefore, this new MediaTek product must provide great performance and energy efficiency. In addition, it has also been revealed that it will have a "totally new AI processing unit".

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MediaTek's new SoC will be tested by manufacturers in the third quarter of this year, so no smartphone is expected to ship with it until the beginning of next year. Until then, we'll probably see more integrated 5G chipsets from competitors such as Qualcomm and Samsung.


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