Boss of PlayStation division says Sony and Microsoft have no partnership

The head of Sony's games division , Jim Ryan, said on Tuesday (21) that there is no partnership between the company and rival Microsoft . According to the executive, the companies are still working on a "comprehensive memorandum of understanding".

Last week, Sony and Microsoft announced plans for a strategic partnership in games and cloud services. As reported by Canaltech , the first conversations are just plans, which may (or may not) come to fruition.

Ryan's statement was made during a conversation with investors and served to calm the mood of the market. The previous day, a Bloomberg report said the announcement of a possible partnership caught the PlayStation division by surprise.

Meanwhile, Xbox boss Phil Spencer emphasized the partnership and said he was excited about the chance to "pursue our mutual ambitions for games and delight gamers around the world."

According to Ryan, the "ample memorandum of understanding" between companies includes several areas, not just the streaming of games. The executive says that the week before, Sony and Microsoft just signed a document where they agreed to explore possible partnerships - which can also be interpreted as the first step towards a definitive partnership.
Although everything indicates that Sony and Microsoft can work together in the future, much can happen to undermine the partnership. On the one hand, the different culture of both companies may prevent mutual and beneficial agreement. And even if this does not happen, an outside force, such as a government and market regulators, can interfere in the international partnership.

During the conversation with investors, Ryan also pointed out that Sony believes that a future partnership with Microsoft would be something of a "big deal" for both companies.
Source: CoinDrop

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