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Yet Another Great News For OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus is going to Launch their OnePlus 7 series of devices on the 14th of May,  The Phones Many specs have leaked so far,  The phone (OnePlus 7 Pro ) is said to be fastest and smoothest phone among the OnePlus series.

The phone has recieved an A+ display rating  in DisplayMate's testing ,
DisplayMate is the leading organisation that tests display's of various devives and issues results after going through a series oof in depth lab tests and measurements

OnePlus CEO has Tweeted That their OnePlus 7 pro has scores exceptionally well in the DisplayMate Testing and has scored the A+ rating , he further added thathat as there is no A++ so OnePlus 7 pro has done a tremendously well in the lab testing of DisplaDisplayMate

The OnePlus 7 pro also said to have  got the  Safety For Eyes certification from the VDE testing

The OnePlus 7 series will be launched globally on 14th May,  this is going to be tht biggest launch ever than any other launch by the OnePlus Company

OnePlus has added premium Features in their OnePlus 7 pro device and is said to be the most expensive oneplus device ever,  The company has added tremondous features according to the leaks , the company is popular for providing the premium featured devices at the great prices.

Till Now everything is going well for the OnePlus , alot of people are excited the the OnePlus 7 pro,  All the excitement will get its way on the 14th May when the Phone will be Officially launched . If the phone was launched slightly higher Priced than 6T , then its gonna break the records,

Now the eyes are on the 14th May 

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