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WhatsApp rolled out Two New features in Beta update

As we already know that whatsApp was worling on two new features : forwarding info and and frequently forwarded messages (FFM), While the Forwarding Info feature shows how many times a message has been forwarded, Frequently Forwarded Message option lets you decide if you want to receive messages in your group chat that are frequently forwarded around 

Now, according to WhatsApp tester WABetaInfo, the two features have been rolled out to the latest version of the Android Beta (v2.19.97). This means, the feature may soon be available to the public version of the app as well.

Although the FFM might take longer to get rolled out as it is still under beta development , but these features will help to get rid of annoying mesages being forwarded to your group

Its not a permanent solution as users still can copy and paste the message in your group
but it will still help to get rid of many annoying messages forwarded to us... 

Stay Tuned For more :)

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