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Soon You Might be able to change your favorite video character into game character

Facebook has created an AI feature called Vid2Game which can extract any video character into controllable gaming character . Facebook in its analysis have showed that how they have succeeded in converting a video character into controllable gaming character

Facebook AI team further showed that the converted character can easily be transferred into any  background of our choice.

Facebook AI use two networks Called Pose2pose and Pose2Frame , the first network helps to identify the actions of the character and then isolates the character the character, the the another network helps to fit the character into a suitable frame and controls their actions using a joystick or keyboard.

this technology could make the gaming more personal, facebook team also wrote that this technology can turn any youtube video into a gaming character

The AI Vid2Game is in initial stages thus the motion appears a bit screwy, but soon facebook might be able to solve such issues.
This technology will not only help the gaming world but can be used to create many virtual world  videos of our characters
with this technology we will be able to shift our character into the movie character

So far this technology looks fun, will see how this technology will work when released for public.

What are your views on this AI feature?
Do you think Facebook AI will give tough competition to the existing AI in the market?

Stay tuned for more :)

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