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Samsung Galaxy Fold facing a Bad time even before its official Launch

Samsung has already scheduled the launch of its upcomming device samsung galaxy fold on April 26, but company started facing the bad time before its launch as the most of its review units broke within a use of single day.

One of the reviewer @markgurman tweet that his galaxy fold completely within two days of its use,

Another Youtube reviewer Marques Brownlee  that after removing a film (screen protector film) from the device his device went black and unusable

Another person Steve tweeted a video in which one side of the galaxy fold was blinking badly

After so many negative reviews the company stated that the problem was faced b reviewers as they have removed a protective layer which reviewers thought as a screenguard.
The company further stated that the extra layer is a part of the display which should not be removed, as it may lead to problems

Samsung is now well aware of the problem and they might be trying to fix all the issues before its launch.

Do You Think Samsung will successfully fix these issues before its Launch?
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