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Samsung Galaxy Fold Drama not Ending, Samsung request ifixit to remove the galaxy fold teardown

Samsung has Requested the iFixit to pull the galaxy fold teardown off the internet.

The recent move by samsung indicates that the Samsung Galaxy Fold feature is seriously going bad till now.

iFixit teardown has revealed alot about the Galaxy Fold's issues, according to iFixit the Samsung Galaxy fold is "alarmingly fragile"

After the reviewers faced alot of issues with the galaxy Fold screen , the iFixit team tried to reveal the reason behind the issues and has many serious issues with the galaxy fold, Ifixit revealed that the gap in the screen at the hinge causes the problem as the debris easily goes in it and cause the screen to go nuts.

The iFixit teardown has got too much public traffic as many people were interested in knowing the issues.

The samsung requested iFixit indirectly to takedown the Galxy Fold teardown,

iFixit in a statement said that the Galaxy Fold was provided to them by a Trusted Partner & samsung has requested that person that iFixit should takedown it Galaxy Fold teardown,  they further added that they aren't bound by any law to takedown their analysis but out of respect of their trusted partner they have done so.
Probably they will again comeup with the teardown when Samsung releases the Phone officially

Samsung has already cancelled its launch events everywhere , now the removal of teardown is raising many questions.

Samsung might have caused the removal of the teardown but Thanx To web archieve, we can still look into the galaxy Fold teardown

Click here to check the teardown

Credit: iFixit, ImageCredit: iFixit

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