Redmi Note 7 Pro gets the Fortnite support in the latest Update

Redmi Note 7 Pro was Launched in the Month of March 2019 , and everything till now seems going good , The Redmi Note 7 pro got great response from the Fans

But after the launch of the Realme 3 pro there sstarted a competition between the Redmi and realme, 

Realme teased its Phone with a fortnite supportive phone and this caused the problem with the Redmi Note 7 Pro which doesn't supported the fornite till now, as the GPU of the redmi was capable of running a game but there needed to be some fix for that.
After the Realme 3 pro teaser redmi has committed that they will bring the Fortnite Support for redmi note 7 pro in their upcoming update.

Working on their commitment Xiaomi has Finally started rolling the much awaited Update with Fortnite Support
Although the game is only playable in low graphics setting but Xiaomi has kept its promise for makimaking the Fortnite available to the Redmi Note 7 pro

The Fortnite Support news was tweeted by the Xiaomi MD Manu Kumar Jain, he said that he is trying the new fortnite on Redmi Note 7 pro

The News has spread the many Xiaomi groups lime the fire as the fans were eagerly waiting for the update

The updates also comes with the Noice fix for the device, nothing more seems to be changed except fortnite support and noice fix.

Stay Tuned For More :)

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