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Realme Sold 170k Realme 3 Pro units in just 8 minutes

The Realme  is a new brand for India, which was launched just a year ago, the realme is doing great sinse the beginning , and the trend looks to keep going on.

The Realme CEO Madhav Sheth, has  Tweeted that they have sold out 170k realme 3 pro units in just 8 minutes of their ist sale , he thanked the realme fans and said that they have achieved a new record ,

This isn't the big figure which they have achieved on their ist sale , realme has already sold 210k units of Realme 3 on the ist day sale, Realme 3 Pro number might be lower but according to the prive margin its not a bad sale for a year old company

Realme is becoming a real challenger for the Xiaomi in India, yet the impact doesn't look much on the Xiaomi but if realme keeps growing with such speed then it might be the big challenge for the xiaomi which has shaken the Indian Phone market after its Launch in India.

Do You think that Realme will take over the Xiaomi In India?

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