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As we are already familiar that snapdragon has recently released the snapdragon 730 chipset, yet the talks of the recently released chipset isn't over, the internet has come up with information of the upcoming mid ranged snapdragon chipset sd735, which will be built on the 7nm technology. The rumors reveal that the chipset will feature octa-core CPU with 1+1+6 configuration.
The already launched snapdragon is based on 2+6 core configuration, sd735 has slightly different core configuration than sd855 which comes with 2+2+4 configuration.
The SD735 is expected to come-up with 2.9+2.4+1.8GHz  Core Speeds respectively, it will also support the Andreno 620 GPU clocked at 750MHz.
The interesting news is that the qualcomm is working to bring 5G technology in the mid range chipsets, SD735 is expected with to come with integrated 5G modem which will help in cheaper chipset prices.
It is also believed to support the NPU 220 for machine learning which will run on 1GHz, Other features might be same as that of the sd730 but the performance is expected to be 15-20% greater than SD730.

Yet there is no launch date information of the upcoming chipset but is expected to be announced on the ending 2019.

Source: Suggest Phone

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