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OnePlus 7 Pro Camera Samples are out

The OnePlus 7 Pro which is scheduled to launch on 14th May , The Oneus 7 pro will have a triple rear camera setup

The OnePlus 7 pro camera has been changed on the fan requested and one OnePlus 7 pro comes with 3x Zoom telephoto lens,  The Wired folks have tried the camera of the OnePlus 7 pro two weeks prior to its launch, They tested its main and 3x zoom telephoto lens functionality

The OnePlus 7 pro 3x camera is said to have performed well but could not beat the Huawei P30 5X zoom , there are said to have less details and more noice in the OP 7 pro's zoomed Images

The OnePlus 7 pro is said to have improved alot then its predecessor 6T
The OnePlus 7 pro's photo are more natural looking then its previous one

The OP 7 pro have done a great job and have reduced the alot of gap between the premium budget camera and the average budget phones
Now the only question remains the price,  the price will decide the real gap of these devices


Source: Wired

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