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Now, Google assistant can tell you A bedtime Story

Recently Google has added the feature of bedtime story in their Google assistant for android and iOS,  this feature was early available only on the Google Home.

Google has launched this feature a few days before the National Tell a Story Day,  the feature isn't published globally but the people from US, UK INDIA, AUSTRALIA AND CANADA can take advantage of this feature

Without Play Books

Earlier when we used to ask Google Assistant to tell a story,  it used to tell boring short type story in boring voice

Now with the feature of Story telling You can listen to the Stories of Google Play Books via Google Assistant , the Ugly way of telling story is now changed with the latest feature

To Listen the Story via Google Assistant a User Must have installed the Google Play Books and also needs to sign in to get the benefit of the Google Assistant Latest Feature. It will take time to start the Story depending on the speed of your Internet Connection, But the Stories are in Told In a Amazing way :)

We might see better Features/Specs in Google Assistant with time, the AI is taking to a new way.

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