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Is Apple Afraid of Its Third Party App Makers?

Apple has being accused of killing the apps without any warning
Apple is said to have Taken Down the aleast 11 of the 17 most downloaded apps,  that are used to control / limit the phone use,  in other words parentral control apps ,
In some cases apple has forced the app companies to remove the features which parents use to control their kids devices, While in many cases apple has just removed the apps from the App Store without any warning.

Some App makers with lots of paying customers have been shut down by the apple

The chied Executive of the top rated parental-control app (OurPact) with more than 3M downloads has said that the Apple has pulled them off with no warning,  and that has crippled their bussiness.

The App makers does believe that they are being targeted as they might cripple the Apple's bussiness.

Apple has their own tools to control the screen time , but actually aren't much helpful .
Apple's CE Timothy D cook  said that apple has added the screentime tools to help people manage their device use he further added that they don't want the people to use their phone all the time,  but the actions of the Apple Company tells a different Story.

On Thursday , the two most papular parent control apps (Kidslox & Qustodio)  has filed a chargesheet against Apple in European Union's Co.petition Office,  as the Apple has forced them to change their app feature to make it less useful than Apple tool

Apple has also faced serious allegations from the Kaspersky Lab that they were forced to remove the key feature of parental Control from their app.

Apple Spokesperson in a statement said that they treat all the apps in same way and said that apple removes or requires change from apps if they ask for too much user information.
She Further added that the move was related to debut of similar tools.

Not only the Parental Control Apps has accused Apple , But the Most popular music app Spotify has accused Apple that Apple gives its Apple music App an unfair advantage over the Spotify.

Source:New York Times

What Do you Think Of the Apple's Move of removing Popular Apps?
Is Apple Affraid of To loose their AppApps revenue?
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