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iPhone chipmaker today announced 5nm chip design

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) earlier today announced the design infrastructure for its 5nm process technology.

As we’ve seen with ever-shrinking processors over the years, TSMC touts improved speeds with its 5nm process relative to the previous generation. TSMC had the following to say regarding the improvements:

TSMC's 5nm process is already in preliminary risk production and the chipmaker plans to invest $25 billion towards volume production by 2020. 

Compared with TSMC’s 7nm process, its innovative scaling features deliver 1.8X logic density and 15% speed gain on an ARM Cortex-A72 core, along with superior SRAM and analog area reduction enabled by the processor architecture.
TSMC is and has been Apple’s only supplier of the latter’s A-series chips since 2016. MacRumors notes that TSMC fulfilled all orders for the A10 Fusion, A11 Bionic, and A12 Bionic chips. As such, the chipmaker is expected to be the only supplier for future A-series chips.

The future Iphones is expected to see the 5nm chipset , this years Iphone are expected to feature the A13 processor with 7nm chips after that snapdragon might also see the 5nm chips in their future phone

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