Googles New Material Design Looks Cool

Google has come up With new material design changes , the search cards are now shown with abetter and attractive way.
Google cards are now showing the better and reliable search results

When You Type the google url "" you will see the Changes, you will see the few news cards related to your country and other carcards which you often search via google search

Other Changes related Examples

If You search for any sports person, you will see the difference , now the card shows result of the person with a follow botton
You will also see related news and stats of the player and videos of the player.
Search result are more detailed.

Same things can be seen for the Movie results
People will now get related news , cast crew and other video clips related to the result.

And for a Song, the result card will show the follow botton of the singers channel and will also display a full lyrics of the song.

The result cards for other Searches aren't changed that much but we may soon see a better card results for other things also.

What is Your view about the New Changes done to Google Search ?
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