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Google takes down Popular Apps from Playstore Over Serious Allegations

The Much Popular Chinese Developer DO Global apps have been removed From the play store after the serious allegation of doing Fraud

Google Not only removed the apps , but also have banned the ads support for their products, Google has removed atleast 46 apps of Do Global till now and as per the reports more apps ban will follow.

Do Global Apps removed from Playstore

The ban on DO Global apps followed after the report from BuzzFeed revealed that the Do Global is doing ad fraud and are hiding the ownership details from the users

According to the Android Authority  a comment from spokesperson has stated that
They take the responsibility of protecting the users and advertisers very seriously and keeps on investing on tools which detects the fraud and abuse globally,  the person further added that the Google takes action which includes the removal of developers ability to monetize the apps via admob.

According to the investigation of BuzzFeed  at least 6 apps of DO Global has implement the code which keeps doing fake click even when the app is closed .

Do Global apps have more than 600 million app installs,  If Google bans the Do Global permanently, it will be the biggest ban by google ever. Google has already taken such action for many apps which keeps on violating  google policies but those actions were taken against the small developers only

Earlier Google has also banned big developers apps like Cheetah Mobile and KikaTech but hasn't taken any action against there developers community.
Later on Kika tech ban was removed after the Kika tech resubmit the app again on the Play Store

Google have taken action against the Do Global Community but will the ban continue or not, the time will tell us

Stay Tuned For More :)

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