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Facebook is integrating messager Function in the Facebook APP

In 2014 Facebook separated the messaging fuction of facebook app and people need a separate app (messager) for messaging purpose,  this move was kind of awkward for many people as people were unable to logout from the messager app.

While there were certain benefits of the move as people were able to chat and call their Friends and family without downloading the facebook app itself,  but that was not making any sense.

Code Investigator Jane Manchun Wong has hinted that facebook is bringing back the messaging feature within the Facebook App

In a Tweet Jane wrote "Facebook is bringing the Chats back to the app for preparing integrated messaging"

while we still need to use messager for making calls and sending photos , but there are chances that facebook might bring these these features within the facebook app in upcoming updates .. Integrating of all messager functions in facebook isn't confirmed from any news but hints are giving some idea 

What do You think about this idea of bringing back messaging feature in facebook app itself 
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