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Facebook has stolen 1.5m Users email Contact in the name of Email Verification

Facebook has confirmed that it "unintentionally" has uploaded email contacts of more than 1.5m users worldwide since 2016 , the contacts were uploaded without the user permission.

Facebook while confirming the news said that it has stopped the offering the email verification for verifying the user accounts. The company used to ask for this verification during the account creation.

In a statement the company said that when we found  that what people were going through while verifying their accounts, we then fixed the issue and started notifying the people whose contacts were uploaded
they further said that they have estimated that about 1.5m users data were "unintentionally uploaded". 

Facebook also added that they haven't shared the data with any party ,  but Facebook has used the information as a part of 'people you may know' feature as well as to improve ad targetting systems , while company has committed to delete the data from their servers , yet it is not clear whether they have started to delete the stolen data or they will delete it in upcomming days.

Do you think facebook will loose its market value further by such irresponsible tactics?
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