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Docker hub breach has impacted 190K User Account

Docker hub is a cloud based Storage database for storing and testing the 'Container images'.

Docker hub has issued a Notice regarding the breach that took place on 25th of April, On late of 26th april,  the docker said that they have discovered some unauthorized access to their non financial user database

During the Breach atleast 190k user accounts have been exposed (which is atmost 5% of the docker hub users) , The leaked data contains the usernames,  passwords as well as GitHub and Bitbucket tokens.

The Docker has started notifying the people via mail and are asking them to reset their passwords,  the docker has already invalidated the passwords of the affected accounts as the precautionary measure
They further added that they have revoked the Github token and access key and asked users to reconnect their repositories  and also told them to check the security logs to check if any unexpected action has taken place.

Company is investigating the security breach to collect the more info about the breach and are working to enhance the security further , so that such things doesn't happen in future

After the breach news,  the Microsoft has issued a statement that their repository remained unaffected to the breach, but are recommending its members to pull the official images from Microsoft's registry.

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