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Are You Ready to Join Hands To Take Down the Thanos

Fortnite Has came up with the Endgame Mode,
Here you can choose to be the Thanos and Chitauri or You can Be an Avenger to take down the Thanos

The actual Mission For Avengers Side is to stop the Thanos from collecting the Infinity Stones, Each time an inginity is Collected , the Thanos get more powerful while the Chitauri gains the Health back

•The red Stone (reality stone) doubles the heath and shields power

•Orange Stone (Soul Stone) gets the Siphon activated

• Yellow Stone (Mind Stones) doubles the Jump Height

•Blue Stone (Space Stone) Increases the damage by 6 times (means Thanos attack cause 6 times more damage)

•Green Stone (time Stone) causes a knocknockback and increase damage rate by 3 times

•Purple Stone (Power Stone) increase the laser damage by 6 times

If You Managed to Kill Thanos in early stage , the player playing Chitauri gets upgraded to Thanos in a short span of time,  and this keeps happening till Thanos remains the Last Player Standing.

The Thanos team has the mission to collect all the Infinity Stones and also needs to kill all the heroes to win the match

•Heroes team will respawn till all the infinity Stones are Collected

•Hereos need to follow the treasure map to collect the Mythic Avengers Items

Note the first Chitauri who collects the infinity Stone will be upgraded to Thanos

The EndGame Mode  is available only for a sport time,  So hurry up and enjoy the Endgame mode

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