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A Developer has revealed a new phishing method in chrome browser for mobile

Most of us are well aware about the phishing method,  it a way for fraudsters/hackers to get the sensitive data from users , while the users have no clue about being tricked,  phishing is new for cyber security,  but there are always new ways of phishing circling around

A new way of phishing has been revealed by a developer James Fisher, he has found a new way to trick users via the chrome address bar.
He explained how a hidden chrome bar can be replaced by a fake address bar to trick the user, and he called the fake bar as "Inception  bar"

You might not be aware that google hides its address bar for small screen phones for providing more screen for reading,  but James Showed that this could become the cause for the exploit

In the demonstration he created the inception bar with written in it to make a difference for understanding , if Google didn't fix it,  the hackers can get benefited from this method easily and people won't get any idea that they are using the fake address bar which is there to loot them

According to the reports google soon will get a patch for this,  but this type of things should be fixed on priority basis.

Stay Tuned For more :)

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